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High Tech Alloys - An ideal partner

Focus on the customer

High Tech Alloys Sonderwerkstoffe GmbH - abbreviated simply HTA is a company with special expertise in the field of nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys.
Founded in 1994 based on material-technical and commercial know-how, HTA has quickly made a name for itself in many areas of industry. Strategic alliances with manufacturing plants in Europe and the USA have contributed significantly to our success and that of our customers.
Then as now you as our customer are the focus of our work - knowing well that only your success is our success.
This is one of the reasons why HTA has become a fixed factor in almost all sectors, including the automotive and medical technology industries.
Our committed employees are easy to reach, decisive, fast, reliable, competent and helpful - even when things get tricky.
We are also there for you when there are problems.
Challenge us!

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